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About matago

Matago is the first on-demand massage app that gives clients the freedom to choose who they book for a massage and massage therapists the freedom to set their own pricing. Though there are other massage apps on the market, they didn't seem to grasp how important it is for massage therapists to be free to grow their business on their own terms. They also didn't see the need for full transparency (i.e. reviews of clients and massage therapists). As a former founder of this app I hope to teach you how I built Matago from concept to full blow brand in less than a year, teach you the principles I learned from mistakes and successes and build a community where the words "startup" and "tech" aren't scary! When I first decided to become an entrepreneur, I thought small. I never thought I could launch a startup, let alone sell out in order to pursue another tech idea! I realize now just how limiting my beliefs were. You have the power to do anything, and I'm here to teach you how to pull it off!