Holly Nelson

I was raised in the Dominican Republic so my style is a little dash of sexy latina and part bubbly pink girly girl. My style is influenced by the cameleon because I love changing my look depending on the event or the mood that I'm in. On my gap year I received a B.S. in Biology with a Concentration in Chemistry. Instead of going to medical school, I took a gap year. During that period I experienced some rough times and realized just how scrappy I am! That's when I fell in love with the business world - it didn't require degrees, experience, or having to prove all that you are to someone through a 1 page resume. My passions are leadership, women's empowerment, and third-world missions. This blog is a place where I hope to inspire young women to pursue dreams bigger than what they believe they are capable of! I want to give out as much knowledge that I have gained from developing a startup, while having a valid reason for shopping! 

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