Jean Jacket Dress Outfit

jean jacket dress outfit .jpeg

I am in love with this T-shirt Dress because it's long enough to cover my butt and the M was wide enough to sit the right way down my hips! It's $11 bucks and I love that it wasn't sheer. This one is great! The Denim Jacket Dress I bought it in a Medium so it would be longer. It does NOT button across my hips...maybe it will after a few gym sessions... Also I snagged these boots when I saw @stylebytrix wearing them! They're made of "vegan leather" which is just a fancy way of saying they're man made but that's great because I can actually wear them on Florida rainy days (which are typically the only days you don't get stared at for wearing boots...). They're sold out now :( But I'm linking a similar pair, same chestnut color, and same type of heel but they just don't have the lace up detail in the back. My bag is an older Michael Kors. The hat is a whool fedora I bought at Forever 21 IN STORE, and is not available online. However, they have a similar version at the same price point online in Red and Navy. The camel brown fedora that I purchased does not have the velvet ribbon detail.