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Holly Nelson

I'm a bubbly cup of prosecco with the tenacity of bulldog!



This is for the women who know they are meant for more and just need a little help getting there. This is for the women who might not have a degree in business but definitely have a diploma in kick-ass. This is for the women in STEM and Tech who are looking to claim their seat at the table. You'll find in-depth content covering things like: How to Write an Industry Analysis, Product Development, and Exit Strategy How-to's.


Life Style

This is a place where I get to have some fun and...basically an excuse for me to shop! But it will ultimately be filled with fun outfit ideas for every part of your startup journey. From comfortable but in-case-I-run-into-a-linkedin-able-contact outfits to the outfit you'll wear on the first day you walk into your new office. I'll have reviews for products and shops that I buy from and try to keep everything within a budget that is realistic for someone who's bootstrapping a tech startup! 



When you browse this section of blog posts you'll find a bunch of socially conscious companies and non-profits run by amazing women that I believe are doing killer things in the world. One of them includes my mother who runs an international non-profit (in her spare time).

Fempact Coming Soon!



If my roller coaster journey to startup founder was any indication - this isn't easy for anyone. In the encouragement section I want to provide you with some amazing ways to feed your soul and grow your heart, mind, and body!


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